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About Us


It is our objective to support a culture of empowerment that impacts victims of domestic violence to become safe and self-sufficient.

  • We believe that domestic violence is functional and purposeful behavior that the batterer chooses in ourder to obtain and/or maintain power over the victim.  That dominance is evidenced through a pattern of coercive control and inclusive of physical, sexual, verbal/emotional, psychological and economic abuse. 
  • We promote safety, well being and justice for all battered persons while respecting the adult survivor's right to self-direction and control over their own lives.  Crossroads' programs are based on a trauma informed voluntary service model.  This philosophy acknowledges a woman's competency and offers her support, resources, advocacy, information and education.  We believe that survivors can break the cycle of domestic violence through supportive intervention because they possess the ability to make decisions that foster healthy, violence-free relationships. 
  • We affirm that batterers, not victims are accountable for their behavior.
  • We are committed to fostering changes necessary to eliminate personal, institutional, and cultural opression and violence.  We believe that ending violence requires connection and collaboration with organizations and individuals, especially those who are/were battered, to create a clear vision and collective voice for social and systemic change. 
  • We are committed to advancing the communities' responsibility for stopping the violence.
  • Crossroads offers services to all victims of domestic violence regardless of race, color, ethnicity, age, gender, religious preference, disability status, sexual orientation, past or present involvement with substance abuse or mental illness, military or veteran status, or any other trait that is protected under local, state or federal law.



Our Mission

The mission of Crossroads Crisis Center is to enhance safety for survivors of domestic violence by providing shelter, education, advocacy, and empowerment to individuals and communities. 

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