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Safety at Court or Public Places

Safety at Court or Public Places

  • If at all possible, arrange for someone to go with you for support and safety.
  • Wait in a safe place if your batterer is nearby, such as next to a security guard or bailiff in court.
  • Sit at a physical distance from the batterer.  Always make sure other people are in between you and the batterer.
  • Do not speak to the batterer or the batterer’s family members.  Safeguard children if the batterer or family members insist on holding them.
  • Make certain that you are safe when you leave a courthouse or a public place.  Batterers often stalk victims to discover where they live, or to punish victims for taking legal action.  Arrange to go directly from the court to a friend or relative’s house so that you will not be alone in the event that you are being followed, or not leading him straight to your residence.

For further information please contact the Residential Services Coordinator at

419-228-4357 or 877-228-4357


Our Mission

The mission of Crossroads Crisis Center is to enhance safety for survivors of domestic violence by providing shelter, education, advocacy, and empowerment to individuals and communities. 

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